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Integrately (like IFTTT/Zapier/Integromat) integrates with Beeminder -- guinea pigs needed

I’m hoping some of you nerds can put this through its paces and let us know what you think:

It may be wholly untested so far (the Integrately team did all the work on their end! :heart:) so we’re anxious to know if we can vouch for it and promote it further.

Just tested this out with Discord integration with Beeminder for any new post in a specific channel it will add a datapoint to Beeminder. Seems to work so far and was easier to setup this automation than with Integromat when I attempted to the same setup.


(Another report from the community Discord that Integrately seems nice and straightforward to connect!)

(And a total aside: I think their “18x cheaper” messaging is alllll wrong business-strategy-wise!)

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