Beeminder Meetup in Copenhagen

Date/time: Tuesday, July 19, 16:30

Bastard Café
Huset KBH
Rådhusstræde 13
1466 København

@bee and I will be there.

(Click :heart: if there’s a nonzero probability you’d attend or want to stay in the loop to enjoy it vicariously.)


Any chance you would like to visit Gdansk?

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There is a high chance that we would like to but a low chance that we will, on this trip!

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I will bee there


Update for those meeting up with us in Copenhagen today: We’ll put Beeminder stickers on the table so you can identify us. See also real-time location here:

(We’re finishing up a 65km bike (skeddle) tour of the city right now. We’re really enamored with this place!)

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