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Beeminder Boston Meetup!

now updated with the latest

Wednesday (Aug 11) 2pm at the Make Way For Ducklings statues in Boston Public Garden:,-71.0698859,21z


Official end time 4pm but latecomers may stay longer.

@bee and @dreev arrive at the airport (BOS) at 11:18am and will walk the 3 miles (including 1 mile ferry) to the ducklings:

[[the meetup is over now; it was tiny but delightful! cc @gbear605]]

That’s a link to our real-time location. If you want to intercept us as we walk from the airport, that would be awesome. If you arrive late and want to intercept us in Boston Public Garden (in case we stroll around as part of the meetup), that’s great too.

Text or call or Whatsapp me at PEG-ARM-PAUL in case of any confusion.


Hi All - Dan from Boston here! Super excited to have this happen :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the activity, I think that’s a great idea. We could meet at the statues, meander along the freedom trail and then end in the North End.

Regarding timing, early afternoon will be tough because of the work day. Shooting for after 4p ET would be best if that works for others schedules? Can try to move things around if not.

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Hey all. I’m Mike: long time Beeminder, first time forum poster. I’m in Boston and would like to attend. Location is good for me. I would prefer later in the afternoon if possible.

Looking forward to this!

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+1 to later afternoon (4pm is great)

Location works for me! Excited to meet all of you :slight_smile:

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We (@bee and I) should be able to get there pretty early – we arrive at the airport (BOS) at 11:18am and plan to walk the 2 miles (+ 1 mile ferry) from there to the ducklings (Beacon & Charles streets), putting us there by 1pm.

We’ll also plan to paste a link here to our real-time location so anyone can intercept us.

We may be able to stay as late as 4pm or so. For those who can’t make it till then, do still come! At worst we’ll say hi/bye real quick and y’all can continue without us.

But let’s call 2pm the Official Start Time.

[ps, i updated the top-level post with all this now]


Arrgh! I can’t make it due to work commitments not allowing me to travel in from the suburbs. Enjoy the stroll and stay cool - it’s going to be 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon.

We’re halfway there! Layover in Minneapolis. Realtime location link updated – – if you want to watch our progress.

Can’t make it due to work commitments today. Here’s hoping for a next time!


Wasn’t able to make it due to work commitments. Hope to catch the next time!

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PSA: Bostonians who like Beeminder meetups are likely to like this meetup:

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