Beeminder Merch Store

Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce the opening of Beeminder’s Redbubble merch store. You can access it via which will redirect you to the Redbubble page. The shop features apparel (including socks!), stationery, pins, stickers, clocks, shower curtains, and much more!

Please also vote here All Our Ideas - Bringing survey research into the digital age for which taglines you would like to see on merchandise one day.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Woo-hoo! :tada:

I’m pretty blown away by all the cool stuff.

Also I like the top taglines for what to print on some of the merch:

Engineer yourself 89
Mind the bee 87
Fighting irrationality with irrationality 80
The bee is a harsh mistress 80
The me-binder 79
Be minded, reminded, and binded 74
Flexible self-control 72
Light a fire under your own butt 71
Up in your beeswax, making you better 70
Corrective lenses for psychic myopia 69
It minds you, binds you, and reminds you 67
Safety rope for slippery slopes 65
Make the important urgent 65
Internalize the externalities of your myopic decisions 64
Constrained behavioral optimization 64
Hyperrational goal tracking 62
Data-driven goal tracking 62
Willpower as a service [though this may be too similar to Boss as a service] 60
Automated accountability 60
Beehave yourself 57
Solving the self-control problem 57
Reminders with a sting 56
It reminds you and binds you 55
Be mindful of your goals 53
Take some Funky Goal Medina 53
Make a beeline for your goal 53
Keep your long-term goals in focus 53
Be a slave to your second-order desires 53
Put your money where your piehole is 52
Bring long-term consequences near 52
Be minded 50
Track it, back it 50
Seize the day after tomorrow 50
Damoclean goal tracking 50
Data-oriented commitment devices 50
Odyssean goal tracking 47
Gradual results, instant gratification 45
Live deliberately [it’s from Thoreau] 44
Have your cake and don’t have it too 43
The akrasia antidote 43
Say goodbye to “I’ll do it tomorrow” 40
Follow through or pay the price 38
Incentivize yourself 38
Mr Hyde, meet Dr Jekyll’s fist 38
Goal guidance 38
Turn long-term commitments into daily commitments 38
If you can quantify it, you can beemind it 38
Find yourself then bind yourself 36
Don’t flake out on yourself 33
In-your-face goal tracking 32
Oh Beehave! 30
A robotic bee that you sic on yourself 29
Keep your data on track or pay the price 29
Say goodbye to “I’ll start tomorrow” 25
Body by Beeminder 25
Quantified Self + commitment contracts 25
Enforced goal tracking 25
Follow your Yellow Brick Road 25
Salvation for akratic data nerds 24
Commitment contracts + Quantified Self 23
Align your utility function with your long-term goals 23
A kick in the pants 22
Follow the Yellow Brick Road 19
Track progress toward goals; pay if you go off track 13
Self-quantifying + self-binding 11

PS: I tweeted this yesterday too:

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The merch store is amazing! And I really want a new laptop cover now. :laughing:

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