Beeminder + MyFitnessPal autodata goal help?

I want to beemind meal tracking from MyFitnessPal. In 2015, I managed to make this work for this goal:

At the time, I used MyFitnessPal to Fitbit (or possibly Jawbone, may it rest in peace) to IFTTT to Beeminder to get the data as an autodata goal. IFTTT would send a 1 every time I logged a meal in MFP.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find those triggers in IFTTT with Fitbit, so that particular autodata path isn’t working for me anymore.

Does anyone know of another path?


If you’re not afraid of some Tasker hacking, you could use Tasker to make an HTTP request to your public profile, and then parse out how many meals have been entered for the day. Here’s a Reddit thread where someone described how they queried their MyFitnessPal profile, though I don’t think they were sending the data to Beeminder, and I think they were querying different data than what you want (calories, protein, sugar count in their case). I could help you with the Beeminder part though.

This is the URL they were using for their own profile. It seems to default to showing today’s data. Change the date range to 2016-02-23 through 2017-02-23 to get some sample data to look at.


Curious, why do you want to track separate meals instead of total calories or something else?
If you want to beemind entering data in myfitnesspal you can simply track calories with a rate of your average intake.


At the end of the day, it is the act of tracking my meals that I want to beemind. That’s the habit I want to form.

Although, getting any data out of MyFitnessPal is a challenge. I’ll look at the Tasker hack to see if that works for me.