Beeminder on iProcrastinate podcast

I’m going though the archive of the iProcrastinate podcat ( and in a 2013 episode Beeminder is mentioned as a gamification strategy that includes both prizes when one achieves personal goals and losses when one doesnt (the second part handled by Beeminder). The whole episode is quite interesting, the mention is after 55’ , direct link to the episode is here

Perhaps Beeminder should expand to the first part of the strategy as well in some manner :wink:

cc @dreev


Successes should be celebrated, even though we don’t like that as a day-to-day motivator, it’s a great fit for when goals complete or you hit user-defined milestones.

Prizes could be warm and fuzzy, as evidenced by - virtual high fives at (system-defined) milestones, and users able to give ‘props’ (q.v. ‘likes’) to congratulate one another on making progress.

We could probably implement an “I’m awesome, send me stickers” feature without too much trouble.