Beeminder Podcast @ Sources and Methods

If you’re visiting this forum, there probably isn’t that much for you in this podcast. It’s a broad overview to lots of things that veteran Beeminder-ers have been thinking about for a long time.
Nevertheless, you might find it interesting to hear the two founders of Beeminder discussing some of the background to the service.


P.S. If you use Beeminder, you might find other episodes of my podcast, Sources & Methods, interesting.


I’m super pleased with how this came out! I think there was generous editing there to make us sound a bit more articulate than we were. :blush:

At one point I actually said something like “Yes, Plato and Aristotle disagreed about this…” [1] but not all of it is that boring! Actually the show notes are especially impressive and make it easy to jump to the interesting parts.

Thanks so much for having us on, @strickvl!

[1] Actually it bugs me that I gave that glib characterization because Plato wasn’t in fact as naive as modern economists in taking revealed preferences seriously. (And yes, that was an even more egregiously glib characterization of revealed preferences, as well as of modern economists!)