Beeminder pulling nonsense sleep data from Up

This might not be a Beeminder bug, but it seemed the most appropriate category. I just set up a sleep goal with data coming from my Up 24 band, but it is way off. It is overestimating my sleep by as much as six hours per night. It would be amazing if those numbers were true, but I’m an insomniac and they certainly are not accurate. How can I get those numbers right?


Hey there! We count the total sleep duration, which is from when you put the band in sleep mode until you unsleep-mode-it. So on the 7th the total duration is 36052 seconds, but then the awake time is 7216 seconds. This is probably the discrepancy you’re seeing. But yeah, we did do this on purpose. We figure that it’s best to beemind things you have direct control over, so we went with just the time you’re in bed as the most universal metric to mind. There may be some people who want to be penalized for not being asleep, but that’s a less general use case :\

A little more on that idea of tracking things that are in your direct control in this blog post here: