Beeminding sleep: Bed time or duration?

If anyone has beeminded his/her sleep, what worked best for you? Bed time or duration of sleep? What had better effects?

btw, @bee can you get sleep data from the Garmin API? :blush:


I Beemind duration, but since I use Sleep As Android, I also have bedtime data automatically recorded when I need it. Fantastic combination.


I beemind the time I hit the ‘track sleep’ button in Sleep as Android. I have a ‘do less’ goal of 1 per day, I.e. to go to bed before 1am. Would be useful to have bedtimes added to Sleep as Android functionality!


I don’t have a fancy sleep tracking device, and my getting up time is guaranteed to be within small range so I just beemind bedtime.


Surely it depends on what you want to ‘improve’. (:

I’ve got plenty of goals that I measure from different angles, so you might want to track both. Though I suspect that tracking ‘time in bed’ may be a better (i.e. directly controllable) measure to beemind than ‘time asleep’ (which is an outcome of many factors).

You’ve doubtless already found these relevant threads:

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No link? :slight_smile:

did you read the hovertext? :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to update it with a link if anyone can find it!


Sleep Time by Azumio is a good iPhone app which tracks total time in bed as well as awake, light sleep, and deep sleep/REM ( based on motion detector data.)

Would be great if Beeminder would build in sync with Apple HealthKit to automate data entry, the same way my Withings scale drives weight data.


Hi there, I use Garmin. Here’s my input Get sleep start time from Garmin?

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