Beeminding oversleeping

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Is the Sleep as Android integration suitable for beeminding the fact that I want to sleep less? If not, how would I use beeminder to help me stop my chronic oversleeping habit?

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Should be fine. Set it up, and email so that we can flip it into being a do less goal. (If your a subscriber, of course, because do less goals are trickier than any of us would expect them to be.)

You might get more mileage out of a pair of do more goals, one that encourages you to be in bed by a certain time, and one that encourages you to get up by a certain time.

If you search the forum for ‘sleep’ you might find helpful tips that fit your particular circumstances. There are a bunch of folks on here who beemind getting to work on time, and their strategies might also be a good fit.

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I posted about this on that other thread but this app called SleepTown can also help in regulating what time you wake up (and therefore how many hours you sleep).


I decided to actually go premium and flip the Sleep as Android goal to a ‘do
less’ type goal. I find that quantifying hours in bed is the simplest and
probably most useful way to control sleep. I understand that other people have
issues getting enough sleep, but not me.

I know from experience that my mind and body work better when I’m on the brink
of sleep deprivation. That seems to sit around 6 hours of actual sleep, so
around 7 hours in bed with a biphasic schedule (2x30m to fall asleep, gets
reduced drastically with consistency and habit).

On days where I do strength training, I have no trouble jumping out of bed at
7:30am, despite hitting the hay at 4am after work. I’ll have a nap before work
to make up for the deficit. On off days, however, I’ll often sleep right through
my wake up time and through nap time and sometimes even get up at effin’ 4pm.

So while I know that I work best on much less sleep, morning-Kaito is an idiot.
So I’m using Beeminder to provide concrete motivation to get myself out of bed.

My desired sleep schedule looks something like this:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: Sleep 2:30-7:30 for 4:30 of effective core sleep, and nap
    14:00-16:00 for another 90 minutes of effective sleep, putting me square at 6
  • Tue, Thu: Sleep 2:30-9:00 and nap 14:00-16:00 for an effective 7:30 of sleep.
  • Sat, Sun: I get home at least an hour later on friday and saturday nights, so
    being in bed by 2:30 is usually not doable. Next sleep-cycle friendly time
    slot is 4:00-9:00 for 4:30 of sleep. Nap as usual 14:00-16:00 for a total 6
    hours of sleep.
  • If that mess wasn’t enough to make you question my sanity, I sometimes have
    ’extra shitty shift’, which has me go in two hours early, shifting my nap

Trying to turn that into a bunch of ‘bed in time’ and ‘up in time’ beeminder
goals seems unnecessarily complex (said the idiot with the most insane sleep
schedule ever), so beeminding hours in bed it is.

Anyway, the weekly average effective sleep time with the above schedule is 6.42
hours, and the weekly average time in bed would be 7.42 hours, which should
approach 7 hours sharp with consistency and habit. Beeminding an average of 8
hours seems sensible and should allow for accumulation of a safety buffer, in
case I’m veritably wrecked and need the extra sleep.

This entire ordeal is paired with an NFC tag that I stuck in the kitchen next to
the coffee machine, without which the insanely annoying alarm on my phone won’t
shut up. No snoozing allowed.

I’m calling this my nuclear option. I’ll either get out of bed consistently, or
I’ll have to live off food stamps because Beeminder will have all my money, and
my wife will have my balls because I spent all our cash oversleeping.

Wish me luck!

PS: I’m thinking of writing a little habitica-to-beeminder script to allow me to
beemind Habitica experience instead of number-of-todos. I’ll post back if that
gets anywhere.