Beeminder student discount?

Just wonder does beeminder give any discount to students?

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Yes! We haven’t pinned down the details but ideally you’d prove your status by posting something about what you plan to beemind at a .edu URL. If that’s not possible then we can discuss by email –

So I’ll email you from a .edu email address to

I meant put something on your school website. But, yeah, just email us and we’ll figure it out!

Another idea I had for confirming student status: email a professor, someone with a public web presence, with cc’d, telling them about Beeminder and asking them to reply-all to confirm your student status.

The idea is, beyond proving you’re a student, to earn the discount by helping spread the good word. :slight_smile:

We’d love to get more students beeminding. We think it’s a really powerful tool for studying. Not to mention thesis-writing. We know of multiple PhD theses that may well not have happened without Beeminder.


I wonder whether a student version of infinibee would be a useful addition, where the number of goals is infinite, but the types are still restricted.

For all that I agree with promoting evangelism, that usually comes after someone’s enthused about the service. Witness the number of member-get-member refer-a-friend schemes in the world.