Student discount?

Just curious what the current status of student discounts are? When searching this was the only information I was able to find and there the process seems very unclear.

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You can email support from your student email address, let us know that you’d like a student discount, and we’ll send you a discount code you can use to sign up for premium.

Thanks for reminding us that we need to update that info somewhere! I’m going to pop it in our to-do list so that we make it easier to find!

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In Germany universities and colleges provide the student with an attestation of matriculation for every semester they are enrolled. Some even include a link in the PDF to the school’s website that will tell you that the attestation is indeed valid.
I assume this holds true for most of Europe.

How does the US handle this?

@phi there is no unified/good way, in the US. Some websites just
check having an edu address, but many places let you keep the address
for decades after you finish.

Github’s Student Pack has you upload documents like “a picture of your
school ID, class schedule, transcript, and affiliation or enrollment
verification letter.”

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