Thinking about subscribing for a year ... Some questions below

  1. Is this app/platform actively maintained (it seems like it is!)

  2. Is there an easy way to categorize different goals into folders or tags?

  3. For those that have paid to subscribe, are you happy with it?



Hi! I’d be curious what made you wonder if it might not be, re: #1. When you joined, you should’ve been welcomed by a member of my support team via email (that’s not automated!), and we have recent blog posts etc, not to mention our practice of making at least one user-visible improvement every day (on average). But if there’s something making it seem like maybe the wheels are just turning without anyone being on hand, we’d love to hear more about that.

(I had a quick check and we did send you a welcome email and also replied to your email about tags; if you’re not getting our emails, you might want to check in your spam folder. We welcomed you on the day you signed up, and answered your question in just over an hour, if that helps with the timescale for finding the emails! If our emails did go to spam, it’d be really helpful if you could make sure to mark them as non-spam, and maybe mark us as a contact to help prevent spam filtering in future. Thank you!)

As for #2, there is a tags feature, though it’s a bit hidden and not fully implemented (we don’t get that much apparent interest in it, according to the feedback I track – but if people start using it more, maybe we’ll polish things up). Alys wrote quite a bit about it on the forum back in 2022, which is a nice summary.

I suppose really you don’t want to hear from one of us about #3, but I’m a user as well (that’s something we require in the team, to different extents). I use it a lot, and get a fair bit of use out of premium features such as autoratcheting and custom goals.

That said, we do want Beeminder to be totally usable without ever paying for a premium plan, so if you’re kind of on the fence, is there something in particular you’re hoping for that’s in the premium plans and you feel like you couldn’t live without?


Thank you so much for this thorough reply.

Yes, the emails went to SPAM; found them!

I will be subscribing for one year; this community and platform seem great - thanks again!



Just for some context: there are a number of users with more than a hundred active goals, hundreds users with double-digit active goals, and thousands of active users in total.

So it’s very much actively used, by a very diverse community, as well as actively maintained! Welcome!


If you read it and you are in this number, can you please share your experience? I would like to know how do you use beeminder, what goals do you have, what do you do for a living and how did it start.


You can add tags here. Actually filtering by them is less easy, though. You can manually edit the URL to add a hash with a tag to filter by, but I prefer my browser extension, which (among other things) saves you from having do manually edit URLs. You also already know about Altbee, which builds on these tags to allow you to categorize goals into sections, as well as searching by tags. Altbee is built for when you have a whole lot of goals at once; at times I’ve had sixty or so, currently I have only 34. Most people who use Altbee have ten, twenty, or more goals; that’s when it shines.


Thanks! I subscribed about a week ago and I’ve gone deep …

I do wish that the iOS app let you filter by tag/category, but I’m loving it.