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Beeminder's 2019

Dispensing with all preliminaries other than “dispensing with all preliminaries”, here are 13 things that happened in Beeminderland in 2019:

  1. The New Year’s 2019 Survivor Challenge
  2. Lots of new press hits and testimonials around the internet (blog post coming soon)
  3. Commitwall: no creating goals without having a payment method on file. Beeminder’s main moneymaker this year.
  4. New weaselproofing safeguards, to mention one of the mostly small 365 user-visible improvements in 2019
  5. Multiple new versions of the smartphone apps with tons of improvements
  6. Quantified Self talk about tracking personal reliability
  7. Mary Renaud running all sorts of things behind the scenes as COO/CFO
  8. New dogfood rules
  9. Fixing the do-less loophole and myriad related fixes and improvements like being able to ratchet to a beemergency any time
  10. Project Euler integration
  11. A new (still optional) pledge schedule
  12. Goals now default to integery with customizable precision
  13. GmailZero now with labels

Oh yeah, and you all added 2,939,329 datapoints to your goals in 2019. Thank you for being so amazing! We’re so happy to be helping you be!