Beeminding 750words

Hey everyone. I use to write every day. I would like to beemind that automatically if possible, but I’m not sure how. The site is mentioned in this blog post: , but I’m not sure if URLMinder will work with it and if so, how. Thanks so much!


Colin (@theomega34) has a helpful update!

I found a way to beemind 750 words! After some digging, I found this great script that seems to do the trick. I just popped it into Windows Task Scheduler and my words are now automated!

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That script is super helpful, but i made my automation without it because i didn’t want to make it dependent on my computer since i travel a lot.

i schedule my email reminders for noon (the time i’d like to haave my words done by) and use Zapier+ Gmail to detect if i’ve received an email that says “You’ve completed your words” in the subject line, and if so it’ll delete the reminder email and add a datapoint to beeminder. i run that script as a backup when i finish my words late.


That seems like a more elegant solution but is there a way in the 750words settings to send an email once you have completed your words? I do not see that option and don’t receive any email when I finish my words for the day. Thanks!

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not directly, but they have reminder emails.

if you’ve already finished your words when its time for your reminder email to be sent, you’ll still get an email and it will say that you completed your words.

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