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Beeminding a specific craft project


Greetings! I am struggling with figuring out how to set up a specific craft goal (as opposed to the generalised beeminding of doing crafts, which I have posted about before).

Setup: I will be making a motif for a blanket for each book I read this year. Thus, about 250 motifs will need to be made in the year as a whole. I will only need to make motifs once I’ve read a book start to finish, so the rate will be highly variable.

So! I need some kind of goal that knows when I have a motif to make, and enforces me doing so within a reasonable length of time (3 days being the arbitrary amount I came up with). I thought about a flat line, and then using IFTTT to add a datapoint of -1 whenever I enter a datapoint on my reading goal, but that would require me to make the motif within the day to avoid derailing, and that’s not super practical.

It’s possible I’m missing some kind of obvious way to set this up. Nonetheless, I’m stuck. Halp?

(For more info on the project, a blog post.)


Just to make sure the dirt simple solution doesn’t work: If you know you’ll need at least 250 (or at the very least 200, or some such number like that) then what about just beeminding it the old-fashioned way? Straight up do-more where you add a +1 when the motif makes it onto the blanket. Give it a week or a month of safety buffer to start with to avoid having a blanket beemergency without the corresponding book having been read. If the book reading is beeminded too, then that should mostly work. Although I agree it would be super cool to have the goal automatically dependent on the book reading.

This also reminds me of fractional beeminding, as @bee describes here:

(Fractional beeminding is also recapped in this delightful old blog post on bucketminding)


How about the following:

Have a slope of 1.
Every day, if you don’t have a motif to make and are in a beemergency, add a datapoint of 1. (Think of this as “all caught up for today.”)
Use IFTTT to add a 3 datapoint whenever you enter a datapoint on your reading goal. Now you’re caught up for 3 days but you can’t enter a datapoint until you make the motif.


Ooh! Yes, that seems like something I could do (and I prefer over @dreev’s idea just because it won’t fall over if I stop reading for a while because of x or y calamity, which has happened).


Whoops, I just realised I didn’t say thank you for that idea, @zedmango! The yarn arrived today, so I’m going to get this set up in the next day or so and see how it goes.


Awesome! Post your motifs here!


The first one is done! For The Bell at Sealey Head, a fantasy book (turquoise) which I bought in 2015 (“bottle”)

Three more pending so far…


Oh what’s the color/shape/year code?


I’m going to do a full post about it soon with the colour palette for my blog, but I’m impatient so I’ll let you guys on the forums have the sneak preview! :smiley: (Shape is all hexagons, so that they can be easily joined to each other in order for the blanket.)



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