Beeminding evening screen usage

Hello dear beeminders,

I’m addicted to watching anime in the evening.
I don’t know exactly how, but it keeps me wide awake, and I swear I could watch anime until 6am.
My solution was to cut out screens at 11pm, but I still occasionally slip up.

Is there an easy way to beemind this goal?

One option is to have a “Do More” goal where you enter a datapoint of 1 on any day when you stopped watching Anime at 11pm, and 0 on other days (or just don’t enter any datapoint for other days).

I do that for getting to bed by a specific time: bed_time_good – alys – beeminder

As a slight complication, I allow myself to enter 0.5 on any days when I get to bed up to 5 minutes late. I started doing that when I realised that missing my bedtime by one minute caused me to think “the heck with it, I might as well stay up all night now”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello Alys, I thank you so much, because that’s exactly what I needed.

My new life starts today


edit: sleepearly – clouedoc – beeminder