How to make a resolution

Hey everyone!

It’s time for some New Year Resolutions, if the turning point in the Gregorian calendar moves you as a symbol. For me, I’ll seize on any excuse to plan out new things. This year, I’ve decided I have two goals with my resolutions:

  1. Pick something general which I want to happen… and then try to formulate a goal which will move me in that direction. (A la Beeminding the Right Thing.)
  2. Make that goal low-effort, so I can maintain it no matter what.

So one example is that I want to spend more time doing fun things with my online time, like more time participating on stuff like Litsy (I always describe it as a very reading-specific Twitter, though I guess it has elements of Tumblr as well) and Pillowfort (which is like if Tumblr and LiveJournal had a baby) – smaller social networks where real connections can be made. I have some friends I value on Twitter… but there’s a very high noise-to-signal ratio there.

But that’s a pretty general goal still, so now I have a goal to update Litsy with what I’m reading every single day. That’s only one tiny part of being in the Litsy community – normally you’d want to read other people’s posts, comment, find new books you want to read, join in tags and events – but I’m keeping it dead simple. I don’t have to scroll through my feed, I don’t have to answer comments… we’re starting really basic with me posting every day. Probably it’ll lead to all the other stuff! But on days where that’s too much, I’m still keeping that habit up.

I need to do the same with Pillowfort, but I haven’t quite decided what the criteria should be. “Post or reblog something every day” sounds obvious, but could lead to some reaaally poor quality posts on my part, because the topic could be almost anything from fannish pursuits to crafts to science news to personal updates. Maybe I’ll go for “post once a week”?

I’d also like to do more craft stuff this year, but I think I’m settled on making a goal for a single stitch per day rather than anything dramatic like “complete a finished object per month” or (a slightly more reasonable one I thought about) “one row per week”. Doing just one single stitch sounds silly, so most likely I’ll do more… but on days where I’m not in the mood, a single stitch will just keep it in mind. Plus, keeping the definition to “a stitch” means it covers both crochet and cross-stitch, whichever I feel more like at the time.

How do you make your resolutions? Are you making any for the start of 2021? Do you want to share your goals for accountability? Maybe we can do more month-long resolutions as in this thread?

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I’m doing a 30-day scheduling challenge, inspired by @mary!

It’ll run 1/4 - 2/12!

I also just have to do one “stitch” on each of my scheduled items.

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