How do I track if I'm in bed on time

I would like to track if I’m going on time to bed. I want to go to bed at 12 o’clock every day. How do I track if I do?

I only find topics about how much sleep.

I do it manually on Habitica (no Beeminder goal for this one). Garmin has my sleep data but even if there was an integration, the data would come in the next morning. Basically, the last thing I do before going to be is a click a checkbox on my Dailies column on Habitica.

So saying “do more” “time” 2 per week and adding 1 the time I’m going early (or right on time) to bed in a week is not going to work?

If you have an Android phone, this could easily be done with Tasker ($4), Sleep as Android (free), and the Beeminder app (free). I can post instructions if you need help with that.

Thanks spookane but I have no android phone and I’m fine with entering the data myself directly into beeminder. The question for me is: the method I described above, will this work? Is that how it can be done within beeminder? I didn’t use beeminder for a day and instead I find out myself I thought maybe a more advanced user knows how to do this? It must be possible doesn’t it?

Many Beeminder powerusers have learned the ways their brains trick them
into not doing the things they want to do, and these come out into making
very particular goals that are tailored just for them.

I do this goal.

I have a goal which is a “do less” goal. It measures “hours past 11 PM
that I went to bed.” There is a shortcut in Beeminder, where you can enter
x:yy into a goal, and it assumes you mean a time, and converts it into
hours. For example, 2:30 would be converted into 2.5. I want to go to bed
around 11:30 every night, so I put in 3.5 as my rate.

I am not super super happy with it, because of a few minor reasons, but it
works for me.

Thanks adamwolf. I have to say I find beeminder a bit complicated but I kinde understand why. So, it an measuring tool. And I can’t use a value of 1: yes I did and -1: no I didn’t - go to bed at 12 am? As the weekly goal is 3?

Assuming you want to go to bed early at least 2 nights a week, this would be perfectly fine.

Okay. Thanks insti! I hope this will help somebody else as well.

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