Beeminding picking up litter with Litterati

I just installed the Litterati app, whose goal is to use crowdsourcing to collect data on the world’s litter and clean the planet up while doing so. There is a nice TED talk about it: Litterati TED talk

You can get the app here.

I am considering beeminding the usage of the Litterati android app using tasker. I don’t think that there is currently a way to automatically beemind it otherwise, e.g., by having Beeminder automatically retrieve a user’s data from Litterati. But if more people are interested in beeminding Litterati, maybe it would be worth getting in touch with them and see if they could make a user’s data available to Beeminder.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to share the app because I think the idea behind it is great and wanted to encourage more people to give it a try.