beeminding two email accounts?

I want to beemind my “inbox zero” goal. I have two Gmail accounts - personal and work.
I created a goal for one of them. When I try to add another Gmail goal, it says that it is already connected to Gmail and doesn’t let me set another account.

What are my options here?


I have my work email fetched by my personal email and they each get their own label so that I can beemind each as a separate label. It both gives me fewer places to check my email and allows me to beemind them both from the same account.

I hope that helps. And we can always brainstorm some more if that won’t work.


I’d definitely be interested in ways of beeminding two separate gmails - is this not currently possible?

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Very clever workaround by @mary there!

It’s true that we don’t allow this directly but I just chatted with @bee about it and she thinks it may not be hard to allow this, now that we’ve finally separated Google sign-in (logging in to Beeminder with your Google account) from Gmail permissions (letting Beeminder count your email messages).