Patreon + Beeminder & Email Management

I set up the IFTTT Patreon integration with Beeminder so that a new post on Patreon creates a datapoint. Problem is it only sees public posts, and all of my posts are private for patrons only. So that integration is useless. The only other way I can figure out to automate this is to have Beeminder see when I get an email announcing a new post. However, when I try to set up the GMail integration on Beeminder’s site, I don’t see how to do this. It automatically creates an inbox zero goal, and there’s no option to customize emails based on search terms like they advertise. What am I missing?

A side to this is, I’d like to use the GMail integration to also keep me on top of my inbox. I’ve got over 200 emails that need replies, and most are already read. So I don’t understand how to go about this. I basically need to reply to a certain number of emails each day (or spend 15 minutes/day) until I get caught up. What’s the best way to set that up? Thanks.


Hmm, not a complete answer, but I was reminded of this:

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For Patreon, do you want a Do More goal? Do you want to increase how many Patreon posts you make?

You can get Beeminder to see particular types of emails by setting up a filter to automatically add a label to those emails, and then beemind those labels–but the Gmail integration assumes you are trying to have fewer of the thing, not more! I can think of a few ways to flip it around, but I honestly haven’t tried and I don’t know if they’re all horrible ideas or if one is better than the other… I should flag in @shanaqui or @dreev.


Hmm, if @adamwolf’s idea about beeminding it with the Gmail integration sounds good, I’d be happy for us to help with an experiment here and see if making a gmailzero goal a custom goal and flipping it over would work here, even if you don’t have premium! That’d help us know what to suggest in similar situations in future – if you’re game for the experiment, send us an email at with a link to a gmailzero goal you’ve got set up that’s otherwise the way you want it, and we’ll do the flippening (if you don’t already have premium – if you do, you can try it yourself!).

I’m not positive, because it’s difficult to think through exactly how it would behave… but I think it’d work?

You might also want to wait and see if anyone else has ideas, of course!


Yeah, I finally figured out how to do it through Zapier + GMail since I get email notifications whenever I post something on Patreon. Thanks.