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Beeminding Vlogging

I have recently purchased a new camera and was thinking about how to beemind its usage.
My main interest is video making so was trying to think of best way to beemind it.
I have beeminded youtube videos/instagram videos in the past but it won’t pick up on unlisted/private posts, which is what I would like to make most of my daily vlogs just for limited viewing.
I thought about creating a Beeminder Journal forum page with these videos but think that would potentially overwhelm the forum if I was to attempt daily vlogs.
Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


If you can get a feed or notification every time you publish something (e.g. RSS or an email) then you could use something like IFTTT or Zapier to add to your Beeminder goal.


Love it! Did you get the idea to do that from

If you put it in the Life category, that would be fine to update your own thread daily. You could also edit a list of links each day if you didn’t want to add a new message to the thread every day.


Yes. Whilst I had the idea to do that prior to the post, it put it into words.

The issue there is that I can’t find a way to post something to an RSS feed without it being published to a wider audience.

Luckily found Integrately which has a Discord integration that is easy to use so have made one so 1 video vlog post to Discord marks it on Beeminder. Will see how that goes.


You could combine the two ideas, since forum threads have their own rss feeds. Unfortunately I think anyone’s posts in the thread would show up in the feed, not just yours, which is probably not what you’d want to beemind.


I’d say make your life easier with the data and take the plunge of uploading them publicly! :stuck_out_tongue: If they’re going to be posted on this forum they’re gonna be public anyhow.