Forum Integration?

I have a couple Beeminder goals that are of the formula “post to x Beeminder forum thread every n days.” I’d really like to make these automatic. Is there some way I can trigger a data point for a goal every time I post to a specific thread?


I think akrasia can do something with the beeminder forum post count if that’s enough already. I would so hope that @csu would be more active so everybody could work on simple integrations like this.

Each thread has an RSS feed
And each user has an RSS feed
You can beemind new entries on those (for example with IFTTT or Zapier)


Hmmm… I guess I could just beemind the thread’s RSS with IFTTT, it’s just weird that other people posting to it would also post a datapoint…

Anyway, it’s super cool that those are available!