Ways to beemind RSS?

For a long time I’ve wished that I could beemind posting to the forum but couldn’t figure out how. Today I think I may have discovered a way. Discourse (the software powering the Beeminder forum) has many more RSS feeds than I had realized, often accessible simply by appending .rss to a URL, as in the examples below:

Type Example
Single user’s activity https://forum.beeminder.com/u/narthur/activity.rss
Single user’s new topics https://forum.beeminder.com/u/narthur/activity/topics.rss
Single user’s replies https://forum.beeminder.com/u/narthur/activity/replies.rss
Single topic (all contributions) https://forum.beeminder.com/t/gratitude-journaling-together/6558.rss

(Just in case anyone’s curious, I discovered that these RSS feeds exist via this GitHub commit that came up in a search.)

Now that I know these feeds exist, I really want to start beeminding them. For instance, I’d love to be able to automatically beemind the number of contributions I make to the forum via the first URL in that table.

In the past, we would use IFTTT for this, but since IFTTT has significantly changed its pricing model, I’m not that excited about using them.

I could also use Integromat, but that seems like a bit of overkill, and also isn’t free.

I could use Android Automate or Tasker, and it would probably work, but there are disadvantages to that, as well, like it not working if my phone is powered down.

Is there a simple, free alternative to these solutions that would allow me to easily beemind new entries in an RSS feed?

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Ahem, ahem.

If, hypothetically speaking, there were an RSS/Atom integration that counted “number of entries published that day”, would that help here?

I clicked through one of them and it seemed like it would.

Hypothetically speaking, it would handle non-midnight deadlines.

Hypothetically speaking, if you edited an old entry, and it changed the pubdate to “today”, the integration would count it for the data points, but otherwise the entry would be ignored.


@adamwolf Yes! Hypothetically speaking, I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for. :wink:

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