Beeniversary feature?

(just posted this on Facebook)

WOW, time flies by. Facebook reminds me that it’s been 2 years since I started tracking my intermittent fasting. I had then posted this helpful guide, check it out if interested in improving your relationship with your stomach :slight_smile:

The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting, by James Clear

Perhaps we need a feature to remind us of anniversaries on our long-running goals.
@dreev I’ve commented about this before, Beeminder mainly only mails you when you’re in trouble, some positive e-mails/triggers would be nice as well.


I’d also like reminders of our overall Beeminder anniversary.


May I ask, how do you track your intermittent fasting? Hours, or days? As far as I can understand, there should be a minimum of consequent hours without food – like, 16, but for Beeminder 16 equals 8+8 or 4+4+4+4, doesn’t it?

I’m counting hours. I have a daily rate of 16 hours on Beeminder. So if I stop fasting at 14 hours, I enter “14” as the value. This means that on a 14h day I will be a bit behind on my goal and if I do 17h I will earn some space.

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Thanks for such a quick reply. With this setup I would be very tempted to cheat – to fast 14 hours, then to fast additional 4 hours:-) Do you have a certain minimum of hours? Like, 10 hours do not count, but 14 do?

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Ah, I see what you mean. No, I don’t count anything like 4 hours. When I start eating in the morning, the next time I start counting is in the evening. So there’s only a single entry per day.


@ndanda premium subscribers can set an aggregation method to only count one datapoint per day, in a variety of ways. (first, last, min, max, etc.)