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Do I want to pay a $10 Beeminder penalty to derail on my Sugar goal and take advantage of the free brownies, cookies, pastries, etc provided by the all-day conference I’m working at today?


Answer: Yyyyyyyyep.


I think it’s time for another goal shakeup. Beeminder has been working really well for me lately, I have to say. I’ve got a recurring task in Amazing Marvin to enter all red goals as tasks, and that’s helped me to focus on addressing Beemergencies earlier in the day. Updating my “Delivery” goal to include not just restaurant and delivery food but also food or coffee I buy while at work (though I’ve given myself a loophole not to count food purchased at a drugstore or grocery store) has definitely enforced more compliance and discipline than I’ve ever managed before. My “Mealprep” goal has been going pretty well, though I’m still struggling to do a week’s worth of prep proactively rather than doing little piddly catch-up tasks throughout the week. I’m possibly most proud of my “Refreshes” goal, which has drastically cut down on my Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/Feedly churn habit. I went from a buffer of 20 refreshes before derailing to my current level of about 66, which means there have been quite a few days when I didn’t use up my whole 7-refreshes-per-day allotment. I feel good about that.

But what I’ve really been falling behind on is budgeting time to work on things that aren’t Must Get Done Today tasks. I’ve got a number of long-term projects that have just been falling by the wayside because I feel overwhelmed enough lately that when I put out my daily fires I just want to shut the to-do list and kill time doing something brainless instead of tackling anything that’s complex, incremental, and longterm. So I think I’m gonna have to make an overarching metagoal called Work on a Project.

Current projects include:

  • The talk I’m going to give at an online conference in February
  • The CEUs I need to complete for my certification by January
  • Some piecework I have from a client with a deadline in December
  • The industry information website I want to build, ideally by February
  • Long-term household stuff like passports, wills, fixing broken stuff, deep cleaning, etc
  • Editing the NaNo novel I wrote in 2016
  • Making a photobook of Nongestational Parents and their Kids to print out for my kid

I feel like there are more projects burbling on the backburner as well, but those are all that come to mind at the moment. So I need to pick a goal to retire so I can free up space for a Work on a Project goal. Hm. I’m kind of tempted to roll “meals” and “mealplanning” together by retiring meals and adding 7 more required points per week to mealplanning. Yeah, I think that’s what I’m gonna do. Wish me luck!