Beta accounts, Slack, and this forum category

Hi everyone! For now I’m intending this for discussion amongst beta users of but anyone else can feel free to lurk or chime in. We also have a new Slack that anyone can join:

To get on the waitlist for a beta account, email and mention your preferred username/url (we might have auctions or something for common first names so not sure if dibs’ing is worth anything but it can’t hurt!).

The reason we’re waitlisting people at the moment is that we’re hashing out things like the URL format, changes to which can make for a mess with backwards compatibility.

But is already a key part of my personal workflow and I’m excited for more people to use it. And thanks again to @chrisbutler who’s done most of the work in getting it to its current dogfood state and who’s continuing to hack away on it.

Also it’s all open source at and we’d love more contributors.


I am having difficulties getting onto the slack channel. My email seems been tied to a different channel. Actually the whole account/email logic of slack eludes me. When I follow the link visible above in dreev’s post (, slack tells me “This invite link is no longer active.”

Can anybody help me get on the channel/workspace?

Kind regards,

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oh ho, i think that’s our fault. @chrisbutler, can we renew the slack invite link?

Here’s a new invite link!

What’s the timeline on the beta?

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I’m not sure about literal time but the main thing we need to decide before opening up the beta is what the allowed format for URLs is. In the meantime, the closed beta is open to those who are ready to commit to help with develop it (which also is the only way to reserve a username right now!).