Any API for

Can I get my list of commits by sending some HTTP request somewhere? How about confirming a commit (creating is easy) or marking it done?

(You know why I ask this, don’t you?)


Not yet! Probably sometime after we have actual user logins…


@mbork i could cherry-pick some of my work from the react branch of the app, and put something together pretty simply. You’d just have to pass some kind of auth header for now. Are you in the dev channel?

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and no, I’m not on slack channel (and unfortunately I don’t have enough time now to go into another rabbit hole…)

This is by no means an urgent thing. IOW, if you are bored, I’d be grateful if you did it, but I can live wit the web interface. (Actually, it even renders quite OK in Emacs’ browser.)

A very belated reply: I’d be interested in this if we could pass a simple auth header to connect with an IFTTT webhook. But not sure how it would work without user logins. Perhaps a random bearer token could be created when the account is created?

that’s exactly what i was thinking