Blogging with beeminder

Hey all,

Recently I got a bit shy in BUI - the alternative Beeminder UI (more charts) because for me the tool just works. I gave up adding more integrations and I relaxed a bit my beeminder schedule.

I have yet another idea though.

I work in IT. Things are changing at dramatic pace and I want to keep up with the latest trends. I used to collect articles to read in Pocket and I was actually reading them :smiley: Then I learned about beeminder, so I would like to bring my pile of things to read to this superior tool.

But clearing the Pocket is not enough, as you sometimes want to take some notes or save link as important, then share your notes with friends. Also, I had no sense of making progress, as my read links were dumped into nowhere.

In other words, I want to have:

  • list of todos (can be stored anywhere, I use Things)
  • tool to take quick notes
  • ability to publish and share notes
  • sense of accomplishment. I went through around 800 pieces of data since I “track” it.

I would like to use Beeminder as an intermediary for storing short notes. I put up really simple blog that reads Beeminder data and publishes them as a blog. In other words, a blog is a side effect of adding Beeminder datapoints.

This is the flow:

I’m going to decompose it as I go and share it with you.

Right now, I built a super simple website that reads datapoints from my beeminder goal. This ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Next, I would like to build a simple iOS Shortcut to ask me about notes and send a datapoint to Beeminder. Adding datapoints is too tedious now. Then, I would like to build a subpage for every datapoint, add the ability to search inside my blog etc. This is the end game most likely:

Imagine this could be your book notes, progress on your classes, Spanish words you learn etc. This can be also automatically posted to your Twitter or wherever you want, with a link to your blog.


So the flow is like this:

  1. I open my todo list, pick something
  2. Read it
  3. Send it to beeminder:

Chart gets updated.

  1. It is published on my website

I added “rating” so that my friends can disagree with me :hot_pepper:

I know it doesn’t look nice, but it wasn’t my goal today.


Today I went from this:

to this:

and removed my customisations enough to make it public:

So you can basically clone the repo or start a new Vercel project from this repo, fill your goal details and generate blog like mine.

I need to get rid of some minor details that are still coupled to me (rating, page title), clean up code (just things for nerds), but it is doable for tech savvy users, or non tech savvy with minimal guidance :slight_smile:

This is my shortcut configuration:

but you can also use software like Insomnia or Postman to have the interface to add posts.


Beeminder Team, would it be difficult for you to add datapoint id to list of IFTTT ingredients?

This way I could integrate with many services. I wanted to build an integration with Mastodon, but it’s pretty pointless. IFTTT would allow me to build tens of these. Datapoint ID is my article ID: Interesting Articles -

Oh, and today is my anniversary :smiley:

Good time to celebrate Beeminder wins:

  • running 5km under 25 minutes
  • 200 commits to my personal projects
  • 1600 Spanish words learnt
  • 1000 Spanish verbs conjugations
  • 100 podcasts listened
  • 11000 Duolingo points
  • 120 chess lessons

Please forget about IFTTT, I used to achieve the above.


Amazing work here! Thanks so much for sharing what you’re building, congratulations on all the Beeminder wins, and happy beeversary!

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I added simple stats page:

In my opinion this solution is a bit overengineered. If you simply add your datapoints in a normalised way, as a stringified JSON for example, you can automatically import them to some existing blogging engine like WordPress or whatever is popular these days. With, you might repost them to Twitter if it’s enough.

I think it’s basically final post in this story and I won’t make this system super flexible; I still keep repo open: GitHub - szymonkorytnicki/fomo-bmdr: Create blog from Beeminder datapoints but I recommend it only as an inspiration to use some other blogging solution :slight_smile: