bug: ios app (iphone5)

since I updated the ios app it stops after 5 seconds after I open it.

I click the app, loading screen with bee, then it just doesn’t continue and then it stops.

i had it working only once, but then i clicked on a goal and then it stopped again.

i have 2 goals.

any more error info…, just let me know.


luckily I’m not THAT deep into beeminder :slight_smile: … yet.

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Thanks for the bug report! There’s a fix in the queue for the app store right now, it should roll out in the next day or two.

That was a quick response, thanks.

Hi! I was experiencing this crash on 4.5.1 and reported it to support. I just updated to ios app v. 4.5.2–I am still experiencing this crash, on my iPhone 5c, ios 10.3.2. I do NOT experience this crash on my iPad Air 2, all versioning as above.

It’s only a minor irritation for me, as your (very adaptable!) web site works well on my iPhone, but I do miss the notifications on the phone from the app… I will do something with IFTTT to mitigate that, but still…


I’m seeing the same thing in the logs, it looks like it might not be fixed after all - sorry about that! I’ll try to figure out what the issue is.


Sort of a good news/bad news update for everyone here: I looked into the errors more and while I have a better idea of what’s going on, I don’t have a quick fix. The crash has happened on both iPhones and iPads, so it’s not specific to the device type. It is, however, always on older devices, iPhones 5 and older and iPad Airs and older, and it looks like the log might be misleading because the actual issue has to do with the device memory being low.

I logged into an account that was seeing the crash on the iPhone 5 simulator and didn’t get a crash then, so it’s not anything specific to the hardware that shipped with those devices, but rather the state of the individual device.

Reinstalling may help, though a couple people have said they tried that to no avail.

In summary I’ll keep looking for possible ways that the app could be responsible for using a ton of memory but there isn’t an obvious place where this could be going wrong so… hold tight for now? Sorry for the hassle everyone.

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okay going to try gtbee instead :slight_smile:

I’ve sent out some invites to TestFlight, which will let me send you all a build of the app that should let me isolate the issue. If you didn’t get one and would like to help, let me know (or email support) and I’ll add you.


Thanks everyone for helping to debug this, especially @bcool, who’s verified that the most recent test build is working without crashing. I’ve sent that build to the app store for final review and it should be released in the next couple days.