Bug: Today is not the 15th

But the website thinks it is.
I’m in UTC+1.



And only a few minutes later the website is well behaved again:

The obvious logical conclusion is that… my timezone must have changed! Alas, it did not.

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Thanks for the possible bug report!
First thing to double check: what’s your deadline for this goal?
(For those who don’t know, Beeminder treats the deadline as the end-of-day. So if you set a 5pm deadline then at 5:01pm Beeminder will treat today as tomorrow. Which is confusing but arguably less confusing than alternative ways of dealing with deadlines.)

I just realized that the second screenshot was of a different goal! One uses hours as unit, the other one pomodoros. My bad!

And indeed the deadline of the first goal is 1pm:

Seems it is exactly what you are describing which makes this bug a feature? Working as intended? Leaky abstraction? I mean it really is more a “Today*” with a the disclaimer “Not really, but for all intents and purposes of beeminder”.
But who is entering data using this interface is not beeminder but people.
People who have a more static definition of “Today”. Who find it confusing if all of a sudden during their day it is no longer Today but Tomorrow. At 1:01pm.
I do at least.