New design: When is the end of the day?

I’m having a hard time figuring out the logic behind “Today” vs “Yesterday” in the dashboard view. It doesn’t seem to be based simply on either clock time or time relative to goal deadline.

On one goal (with a 1:00am deadline), it’s happened several times now that I enter data after midnight (but before goal deadline) on an eep day, then have to go back and fix it because the automatic “today” selection is for the new day I’ve just entered. Until I fix it, the eep day doesn’t get resolved - and I’ve nearly derailed a couple times as a result. On another goal (with a 3:00am deadline), “today” shows as the day that was just completed.

Either of these would be reasonable behaviors (though I prefer the latter, particularly because it matches the Android app), but I’d at least like them to be consistent.

Possibly related/additional complication: My account shows me in one time zone farther west than I actually am - it’s a holdover from when deadlines weren’t adjustable to account for my night owl tendencies.


Thanks for the report! This is almost certainly happening because of the difference between your actual time zone and the Beeminder time zone. Could you try updating them to match and let us know if you still see this happening?


Update: After switching my timezone, the end of day acts in a way that makes sense (ie, it appears to roll over at the goal deadline.)