How To Make Your Employer Happy: Boss-Visible Improvements

I have a tendency to lose myself inside rabbit holes a lot of time, but I’ve found that UVIs (user-visible improvements goals) help me to stay focused on the end goal while I work. It makes the time spent working actually productive.

So, today, I’ve decided to create the first Boss-Visible Improvement (BVI) goal.

It works pretty nice, it made me want to really wrap up work and do something meaningful instead of trying to make everything 1:1 ultra-rigid-and-compliant-with-my-ideals.

It’s a bit stimulating, but not too worrying.
Not only that, but it makes me work more on what matters to my boss rather than what matters to my mind.

I’m still trying this out, but I highly recommend it for people who would like to commit to bring more value to a specific project!

Combined with a micro-habit (Do not beemind outcomes, but don’t beemind time input either: beeminding nudges) and a Slack message that I received, it was really effective.

My UVIs/BVI goals

name description
beegig_bvi make a tangible improvement for this company
tagrecords_kev_uvi make a visible improvement for this specific customer
tagrecords_yitag_uvi look at statistics for this process and do something that would nudge them in the right directions

(a bit abstract, but maybe it’ll inspire some lucky folks :slightly_smiling_face:)