Camille's Sleep Journal

Sleep has been an issue my whole life, especially because it absolutely burns my memorization abilities.

I don’t even notice it when I get bad sleep. The hours are right on my watch, but this doesn’t mean that the sleep was great. I always do stupid stuff and end up messing up my sleep.

So, I’m starting a journal too!

I’ll post every day and adjust rythm as I go

May 2->3 :orange_circle:

No dreams
Didn’t feel refreshed
Bad memory

Possible causes

  • no magnesium since 3 days
  • cortexin too late
  • took melatonin too early
  • gone to sleep too late
  • Ritalin too late?
  • NAD buildup?


No Cortexin past 16h
No Ritalin past 21h
Order Magnesium
Continue to shift my workday to end earlier


May 3rd → May 4th :red_circle::hotsprings::brain:

Woke up with brain inflammation.

I felt the headache before going to sleep but didn’t want to take too much Ibuprofen in a row.

I guess the issue at hand currently is not circadian rhythm but rather something causing inflammation.

some potential causes

  • not having a window open to the outside — having a fan + inside window doesn’t seem to help
  • taking Cortexin at 22h :man_facepalming:
  • sleeping late
  • bed might be triggering allergies
  • bad sleeping position
  • fan making noise, which disrupts my sleep
  • sleeping next to wall
  • oxygen depletion due to asthma+allergy


  • sleep earlier
  • don’t use fan
  • no Cortexin for 2 days — forgot to take a break this weekend anyway
  • take Ibuprofen if headache before sleeping
  • avoid taking Ritalin too late
  • take lung anti-inflammatory stuff before going to bed
  • don’t sleep next to wall
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May 4th → May 5th :red_circle: :clock1:

Only slept 5 hours. Almost no dreams.

I tried staying in my bed until I wake up again and ended up losing a good chunk of time this way, without having a good time, resting, or getting something done.

All the day, it was super hard to focus; I was 100% sleep-deprived.

Well, I have written a few beeminder posts :slight_smile:

fixes to increase sleepiness

I need to be more sleepy in the morning to get the REM sleep.
Some fixes:

  • magnesium
  • duloxetine
  • better circadian rythm
  • better Melatonin timing
  • no sports before sleeping
  • beeminding strict Cortexin usage (before 1pm; not on weekends)

fixes to avoid wasting time in bed

  • using my phone for more than 3 consecutive minutes after 8 am should launch a timer of 1h; I have to go out or I’ll get a beeminder sting

What I will implement

Nothing today; I’ll look into all this this weekend.

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May 5th → 6th :green_circle::thought_balloon:

Went to bed a bit late, but woke up late too. I had tons of dreams. I feel like going to sleep again this afternoon, but I know that it’s a trap!!

Things that might’ve helped

  • starting beeminder tasks earlier
  • sleeping on the other side of the bed
  • duloxetine?
  • taking Ritalin earlier
  • not taking Cortexin too late
  • leaving work way earlier
  • watching a series on TV in the day

May 6th → May 7th :orange_circle::no_bell:

I was pretty restless and didn’t feel super good after sleeping.
I believe this is mainly because of alcohol.
When I woke up, I didn’t have water and tons of stuff preventing me from getting out of my bed. So I stayed in my bed most a few hours. I need an alarm.

It’s okay sleep but I’m trying to do better today

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May 7th → May 8th :red_circle::thought_balloon::question:

Woke up while dreaming because I tried to think too hard. So I’m like at 4 hours of sleep


  • late Ritalin intake (22h)
  • no “winding down” period
  • no relaxation time in the day


  1. Go out, grab something to eat, get back to sleep
  2. Hard limit of no Ritalin past 18:00, deal with it!
  3. Add mandatory relaxation / mess around
  4. Add mandatory winding down hour before sleep

Right now

Hard to think straight so I’ll choose what I do here…

  • put on some clothes
  • go outside my room
  • grab something to eat if I have stuff left (no there is not anything left, that’s for sure :slightly_frowning_face:)
  • okay then go outside to a store and buy something (everything is closed :disappointed:)

I guess I’ll just lay in my bed and slowly rot away :melting_face:


I choose to watch anime, but went to work and had a productive day afterward.
It didn’t feel like a super awesome day, but at least, I’ve got some stuff done :slightly_smiling_face:


May 8th → May 9th :green_circle::om:

I woke up early with bad sleep, but I drank water. I put music on to cover the construction noise and tried to sleep again.

Thanks to returning to sleep, I had some dreams.

I just woke up, and I feel incredibly refreshed.

My guess is that something has happened between my first wake and the last one. My leads:

  1. Drinking water
  2. Just getting back to sleep
  3. Changing position in my bed (better blood flow or nerve stuff)
  4. Having dreams
  5. Sleeping on my hand instead of directly on my cushion (allergy trick :slightly_smiling_face:)

New approach

I think that I’ll dedicate 12 hours to sleep.

It’s super inefficient, yes, but I’ll improve it with time. I just feel so much better when not sleep deprived; and I’m not going to find a solution by forcing myself to wake at 8am. So I’ll mess with my calendar and get myself these hours. I’ll probably have to cut some stuff out of my life, but great sleep is worth it 100%

And also I can improve sleep efficiency with time, to get back some sweet awake hours :slightly_smiling_face:


May 9th → May 10th :red_circle::thought_balloon::question:

I woke up before having dreams.

Having dreams is really primordial for me to feel refreshed. 100%


  1. Ritalin too late
  2. Cortexin too much (I didn’t take it late, so I believe it’s only a matter of quantity)
  3. Allergies

New rule

If there is no dreams, I have to live like a monk.
No parties. No Cortexin. Ritalin in the smallest quantities possible. Go out of work early. Watch anime. Treat it like a sick day!

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i’m really curious about this: do you remember your dreams so regularly? or do you have some amazing radar for “i know i didn’t dream last night / i know i dreamt, even if i can’t remember it anymore”?

from the last time i vaguely looked into dreams i seem to remember that it’s common to only remember few dreams. of course there’s things one can do to even the odds, i think writing them down is a big one (but that might have just been from lucid dreaming tips)? anyways, i personally would never be able to tell if i dreamt on any given night, or if i didn’t—unless of course i definitely remember at least snippets of a dream, which unfortunately happens rarely recently. (probably due to suboptimal sleeping and waking-up conditions …)

i’m really curious about this: do you remember your dreams so regularly?

Yes, I do! Because I keep a journal. (I don’t have a magic radar yet). It’s weird for me to not remember any small part of any of my dreams

If you woke up and directly asked yourself: “did I dream of something?”, wouldn’t you be able to get some snippets? Or something that happens to me frequently is finding elements of dreams in the morning; like seeing a coffee machine, which makes me remember about the coffee monster I fought :eyes:

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May 10th → May 11th :green_circle::hourglass_flowing_sand::money_with_wings::smiling_face_with_tear:

This night I’ve gone to bed at 2am, woke up at 8am like trash like usual. But I went back to bed, and woke up at… 2pm. There goes 50% of my day :smiling_face_with_tear:

But at least! I’ve got the sleep I asked for

I wish I could go to sleep earlier but I had to finish my beeminder goals.
So today, I’m trying to split my beeminder tasks over the day :nerd_face:


May 11th → May 12th :green_circle::hourglass_flowing_sand::money_with_wings::smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ve gone to sleep at 4am and finished sleeping at 4pm
There was a lot of time in which I was awake; sleep efficiency can be vastly improved.

On the other hand, my memory is good and I feel rested. I have the huge privilege of arranging my day like I want, so I might as well use it.

I’m going to keep commiting 12 hours to sleep every day and improve efficiency until I feel like I don’t need 12 hours anymore.

Fixes to improve sleep efficiency

I can think of really basic fixes:

  • open the window when going to sleep, to get fresh air
  • close the window in the morning to block the construction noises
  • make my earplugs more easily available
  • find better earplugs
  • find a light blocking mask
  • complete beeminder tasks before going to a party, to avoid shifting my sleep by 2 hours



this doesn’t happen too often to me, i think. today something similar (the reverse?) happend, though: i thought something had happened in real life (a text message), but looking up the chat it turned out that it hadn’t been sent in real life, so the only logical conclusion is that it must have been a dream.

my instinctive answer would be “no,” but i guess i’ve never tried it, so there’s really no way to know. mostly these days when i wake up, i’m still super tired, pissed off by the alarm, groggy from probably waking up in the wrong sleep phase or in any case earlier than my body and mind would like, and, idk. i’ve never tried to force dream memories—when i can remember dream snippets by myself, i often try to reconstruct more of the dream, but i’ve never really felt the urge to find out if i dreamt anything if i can’t remember even a snipped off the top of my head.

anyway, i envy your complete day-scheduling freedom! (although i’m not sure if i would function well within total scheduling-freedom like that, but at least in theory it’s a nice thought!) and i’m glad to hear you’ve been getting to sleep longer for the past few days (nights? :p)! i also slept longer last night, thankfully (maybe 8 hours; definitely more than 7!)! *sends a mutually congratulatory high-five over the alps*


Maybe, you are overdue for a sleep_journaling Beeminder goal… :wink:

I see what you mean; sometimes, some of the memories seem fake because they are so hard to retrieve.
IMO it’s doesn’t really matter because this is still fetching memory in the dream territory, which will reinforce recording in the next nights. It doesn’t matter either when using dreams as an indicator for sleep quality, at least for me, because I don’t have the energy to dig deep enough for this to happen.

Let me imagine a world where you have a flexible schedule… :thought_balloon: You would struggle for a few weeks, but since you are so amazing, you’d find a solution and post about it here :slightly_smiling_face:!

High five received 5/5 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:!!

(this must be stressful sometimes :laughing:)

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May 12th → May 13th :green_circle::yawning_face::mexico:(mexico = siesta)

Went walking with my friend until 4am…
Then did beeminder stuff…
Woke up at 12 am… With tons of Raegeeton music… But also house music… And construction noise…
I helped said friend to move to her new place… we ate sushi… We talked about nothing and everything… And I started to feel very very… Sleepy…
I returned home… I feel so…

sleeps for 3 hours

I woke up feeling not super good even though I had dreams, omg, is my theory falling short?! No, I don’t believe so.

Why, you ask? Super high sleepiness like this is a side effect I get from buildup of Duloxetine in my body over a few weeks.

pharmacology hobbyist ramblings

In turn, Duloxetine makes levels of norepinephrine super super high. Normally, high Norepinephrine makes you alert and smart, but too too much does the opposite. So it makes me dumb and sleepy xD.

It happened a lot to me, but now, I’m pretty experienced, so I know this is not natural. The solution is simply skipping a few doses over a week, adjusting intake via Beeminder to be a little lower, so it doesn’t happen so fast again.

This might also explain why it’s been hard to fall asleep in the past days, as I’ve probably been crossing the “uh this is a weird amount of norepinephrine??” line over the week.

It’s usually a good time to watch anime and be a couch potato. Not a big deal :slightly_smiling_face:

next steps

  1. Fix Duloxetine intake Beeminder goal
  2. Wrap up day
  3. Watch anime

May 13th → May 14th :green_circle::mute:

I went to sleep late, like always. Around 3am.
I woke up around 12pm, a bit confused because I was in a weird sleeping position and couldn’t breathe normally.
However, I think I slept well. I woke up in the night, but drank water and went back to sleep.
I had a great day.

Right now, I believe that the best I could do for my sleep is to start going to bed at a consistent time.


May 14th → May 15th :yellow_circle: :loud_sound:

I went to sleep too late due to beeminding, like every time
And woke up soon due to noise and light.
I could not force myself to go to sleep again this time.
I need to find a way to sleep even if there is sound and light. I wish every day was a Sunday :frowning:

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I used to struggle with sound and light while sleeping, but living a year in a city apartment helped because I had to find handling strategies. In particular, we got a nice sound machine with a high quality rain-sounds loop to help drown out more unpredictable outside sounds, and slept with a sleep mask more often even when it was dark to get used to wearing it. Obviously YMMV, but might be worth a shot if you haven’t already tried! Apologies if this is old news—I did some Ctrl+F for key phrases but I’m sure I could have missed stuff.


That’s interesting, thanks for the idea! I’m probably going to go the same path as you. Would you mind giving me more details about this sound machine? Is this something like this?

Personally I’d be worried about annoying my surroundings with it, but maybe it would be the opposite and they would like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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May 15th → May 16th :red_circle::loud_sound::alarm_clock:

Woke up early with tons of sounds and generally pretty tense. Nothing like a few years ago but still bad.

On the plus side, I went to bed pretty early. And left work early too; I feel like my time was truly well spent, yesterday, and it makes me pretty happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Potential causes

  • Ritalin intake
  • Nicotine intake (gum + smoked)
  • going to sleep earlier than usual (2am instead of 4am)

I was on a Ritalin break for 2 days and my sleep gradually got better. I also took less Nicotine gums, only maintenance doses to avoid withdrawal.

Notably, I smoked a bit of weed+tobacco.

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