Camille's Sleep Journal

Yeah, something along those lines! We have this one from Hatch and can attest to it having a good quality sound loop. There’s also good apps if you just want to try it out without getting a whole device—if you like it, I think the standalone thingy is nice so you can turn it on and off without looking at a screen, but an app is nice for travel or for testing out how you like rain sounds in general. I like Atmosphere[google play] or the Lullaby feature of Sleep as Android[google play] (which is a paid app to use all its features, so maybe oughtn’t be the first option). I don’t have an iPhone but I’m sure there’s comparable apps if you do.

As I type this, my wife is asleep on the other side of the (rather thin) wall from me, and I can’t hear the rain sounds at all—unless you live in a studio with another person, I wouldn’t worry about sound leakage much… and if you do, it’s probably even more useful to have a steady sound source!


May 16th → May 17th :red_circle:

No sleep due to plane… I hate planes


May 17th → May 18th :orange_circle::straight_ruler:

Slept super well, but was interrupted by family meeting.
I feel so sleepy. I really need to find a way to make flights not destroy my sleep. And take into account two days of resting.


May 18th → May 19th :yellow_circle:

Woke up earlier than I should, with no possibility to go back to sleep.

  • allergies?
  • nicotine too late?

I didn’t take Ritalin yesterday, and still had this, so Nicotine is really suspect, since I took it at around 19pm…

Today I didn’t take much to see what would happen with my sleep


May 19th → May 20th :green_circle:

Slept well. A bit late, but I’m accepting the fact that I might be a night owl.

Actions today that might affect tomorrow

  • Ritalin at 20h
  • Nicotin: took it earlier than 15h and in small quantity
  • it’s 3am and I didn’t finish my chores so I’ll probably start sleeping late

Sleep setup

I’m ordering a mask that hides light NOW

Edit: did it. And also earplugs. I will not let noise get me down :fist:


May 20th → May 21th :green_circle:

Slept well. A bit short due to family making noise, but it’s okay.

I’m continuing to think that Nicotine too late in the day might have been the cause for me waking up earlier than I should.

To test this, I might try to take Nicotine at 20h and see what happens.

I’ve done a small 1hour siesta; I didn’t really sleep but I felt a bit relaxed, at least.

To do

  • Use earplugs faster when there is noise – don’t wait until I’m fully awake

May 21th → May 22th :green_circle:

I slept from 3:30 until 13:30

Everything is good, except for noise in the morning. I received earplugs, so I should be able to fix this easily tomorrow. Also, using airpods and putting animal crossing music does the trick.

So yeah, everything’s going’ alrighty :slight_smile:

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May 22th → May 23th :orange_circle:

Woke up super early and had a hard time falling asleep again
Also went to bed too late (4am instead of 3am).

I suspect:

  • Ritalin intake at 20h
  • going to bed later than usual
  • Nicotine: more than usual
  • having a work session later than usual (23h->2h)

secret technique

At the end of my sleep, I found something interesting.
I had flash of images in my head, and my default response was to reject them. Instead of rejecting them, I decided to explore the images more in depth. What happened next is that all my limbs felt noticeably lighter, and I felt a kind of warmness/pleasure in my chest.
After doing this for 5 minutes, I woke up; my vision was fluid and I feel rested. The warm feeling in my chest is still here. What’s interesting is that I’m 100% sober, so it’s not caused by any meds or drugs

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May 23th → May 24th :orange_circle: :zap:

Same thing as yesterday…

Current problem I want to fix: I wake up early, and then I need to force myself to go back to sleep. I do not feel sleepy in the morning
Potential causes: Ritalin, tea, going to bed too late
Next troubleshooting step: I’m implementing stimulants usage rules, and an A/B test

Stimulants usage rules

Ritalin: to do…
Tea: max 1 per day; between W+1h and W+3h
Cortexin: do not take Cortexin until this sleep issue is troubleshooted

Sleep hours

My sleep hours are late because I do my beeminding too late.
To fix this, I will do my Beeminding earlier (a bit in each of my work breaks)
This should reduce the time at which I go to sleep.

Next A/B test: not taking tea for a day; is this the cause of my shallow sleep in the morning?


  • play with Duloxetine dosages and intake times
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May 24th → May 25th :red_circle: yesterday except I decided to wake up and work.

It’s 1:40am and I’m still working…

I hope that it’ll make me super tired and I’ll go to bed early

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May 25th → May 26th :orange_circle:

I just get up super early and I am hyped up and I want to work. That’s kind of useful because I work more hours, but also it doesn’t feel super healthy.

Today I took lower levels of Ritalin because I wanted to enjoy my sushi (it cuts appetite). 5mg
I also didn’t drink tea
I also only took 30mg of Duloxetine, like yesterday

So overall, I’m changing almost everything that I wanted. I’ll see how it works out tomorrow :eyes:


May 26th → May 27th :green_circle:

Slept OK, even wanted to do a siesta
I felt very sleepy all day for an unrelated reason

Earplugs seem to help me have a better sleep; I’m going to try them again


Earplugs and eyemask for me.

Note for those experimenting: There are many kinds or earplug. Some will hurt your particular ears but be great for someone else. Different sizes, shapes, densities, etc. You might even have two differently sized ear holes.


May 27th → May 28th :green_circle:

Went to bed super late (6am) but slept good.
Earplugs are really making my sleep so much better!

@philip thanks for the tips :slightly_smiling_face:!


May 28th → May 29th :red_circle:

Didn’t sleep enough because I had to wake up to take my plane.

Otherwise, the sleep mask and the earplugs allowed me to have quality sleep; I would probably have spent a more terrible day without them.

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied. Yes, I feel terrible, but at least, I saved some of it thanks to this awesome sleep setup that I have :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel like my sleep will be really more efficient and that I’ll at least gain 1 hour every day just by using earplugs and sleep mask.

And also, I’m in a room with terrible light and noise isolation, so I’m very happy to have my setup ready right now! I should sleep okay!

My Sleep Setup

  1. Earplugs (foam ones from Amazon – the plastic ones don’t seem to be as efficient and they fall of in the night, while the foam earplugs do not)
  2. Sleep mask (still inexperienced; but it looks that I got lucky and got one that works first try)
  3. Anti-allergy pillow sheet. I believe this should help.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the progress I made. I took concrete action, and my sleep is noticeably better.


I drank alcohol, took Nicotine and Ritalin.
I believe it’s going to make my sleep weaker, but the sleep setup should make it go alright anyway.

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May 29th → May 30th :orange_circle:

Earplugs + sleep mask are a delight

I just removed the earplugs too early in the morning so it’s not good

Today, I’m still stuck with Beeminder task making me go to bed too late :melting_face:


May 30th → June May 31th :red_circle:

I’ve gone to sleep at 7am, and was forcefully woken up at 1pm

My sleep setup still allowed me to salvage the small amount of sleep I had, so I’m grateful for it.

I’m trying to go to sleep earlier today, and also, I will not get woke up!

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May 31th → June 1st :red_circle:

I’ve gone to sleep at 7am again
I am super, super inefficient at doing the beeminder tasks at night

I woke up too early; I have this weird feeling of forgetting to breathe.
I know that if I continue to sleep, I’ll forget to breathe and I’ll get a headache.

I’m not sure why it happens…

What I know, though, is that my sleep has been terrible for three days; I need to make drastic changes because I’ll soon crash very hard.

Drastic changes :zap:

Target sleep hour: 3am

  • I cannot take more than 5mg of Ritalin every 2h30; I do not want to trigger hyperfocus
  • Only one Nicotine gum in the morning to not enter withdrawal; not more
  • Do all my Beeminder tasks super early, so that I can go to sleep earlier. I feel like 3am is a good moment for me to sleep.
  • I cannot take Ritalin after 21h

June 1st → June 2nd :green_circle:

Went to bed at ~4am, woke up at 1pm

Earplugs + masks are making my life easier

I took Isopropylphenidate, tons of coffee, nicotine, Methylphenidate, and still managed to sleep even though it was not the best

So I’ll say green, but my next step will be to make my sleep more efficient, once I get green every day :slightly_smiling_face:


June 2nd → June 3th :orange_circle:

Yeah, I put orange
Because I gone to sleep late

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