Can I superimpose graphs?

I am beeminding my weight, how much I eat and how much I exercise. I would love to be able to layer all my graphs one over the other (with the data points or lines in different colors) so that I can see correlations. Is this possible?


Nifty idea. You could export each goal’s data and hack together a spreadsheet.

Just like stock-market comparisons, you’d have to rebaseline all the data so that the changes are relative. Unlike stock-market comparisons, there’s no common scale. The data is also likely to be sparse, with missing and duplicate measures. And the datapoints aren’t pre-aggregated, so you’d need to deal with multiple datapoints on a single day.

All that depends on your goal set and the particular composition that you have in mind, of course. Seems really hard to get right in the general case.

Aside: literal superimposition is easier, but may or may not do what you want. Download your graph images, make them translucent, overlay them. You can even control all the x/y limits of the graph generation, on the advanced settings pages.



I actually meant literal sumperimposition. I know how to standardize the X axis to that the days matched up. Could you walk me through the steps of downloading the graphs and then making them translucent?

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My X axis is days and my y axis is manual entry and/or auto-total so I have a common scale for the x-axis.

For the y-axis, I would just need to adjust the the positive slope graphs so that they are close enough together to see correlations. With the negative slope graph (weight), I guess I would either need to invert the slope or would just need to eyeball it (which would be good enough for me).

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Hi Jen!

Downloading the graphs is easy, just right-click on the image and save.

As for the transparency/opacity, you can adjust this in an image editor (I use acorn on the mac), or if you’re handy in html/css then you could maybe make use of this stackoverflow tip.

Least effort may be to load them into powerpoint/keynote and set the image transparency there.


Thanks much. I will try it.