Question about graphs - cumulative vs daily


Is there a way to show data as an amount per day instead of a cumulative amount over time? In other words could we see a bar graph of the amount we track per day, rather than a line graph showing the amount we track of something over time? Does that make any sense? LOL.


The short answer is ‘no’, and there are good reasons why cumulative is the right choice for goals.
(there was an excellent blog post about this, does anybody remember where it is? paging @dreev!)

But I too sometimes want to easily see the daily pattern of data.

One workaround: on the data tab of your goal, near the bottom you can download a csv of your data, open it in Excel and create whatever graphs make sense.

One of my hopes for client-side graphs (whenever that becomes possible) is that we’ll then be able to support toggling between the current cumulative graph and a daily histogram.


That’s @grayson’s post, Baby Got Bonus!


Interesting post, thank you for the information. At Philip’s suggestion, I
did download the data for the goal I want to keep track of the values by
day for.