Refresh graph before the unfreeze completes, please!

Please, please, pretty please fix it so that the graphs update before they

Having them derail when we update data while we’re frozen can be
frustrating and it happens to me a lot. I’m not sure why reseting the graph
doesn’t force an automatic refresh before redrawing the new graph and
reseting the goals, but please consider changing that if you have a chance.

Today’s example is that over the holiday party period I have derailed a
specific graph a few times and decided to leave it derailed and pick it up
again after the holidays. (And there was no point in creating one with a
huge slope when the holidays were just about over and then I’d be stuck
with a steep seven-day slope.) So I just left it derailed until NYE would
be over. But, I still kept track and texted in data for QS purposes and out
of habit. Unfreezing the graph today then derailed it right away.

And maybe you’d prefer we not track or change data if we’re frozen, but
what about situations where we do enough on one day to push a "do less"
goal into the red, enough that we have a max of, say, 3 for the next day or
we will derail for sure. Then, the next day comes and we hit that 3 and the
graph derails but we keep texting in more because the day doesn’t end when
we derail (say 10 more units). Now the graph is fully frozen but new data
is being entered on the same day as it was derailed, but after it derailed
(so it’s not the same as tracking data on days you might not want us
tracking if we’re not on a paying slope). Then, when we reset when we get
home or on the next day, we have less right off the bat (or might even be
derailed again). It would be so much more convenient if the graph reflected
the data when unfreezing, not when derailed, before it resets, I think.
(Though, there may be abuse cases I’m not thinking of, so this is just my
opinion, as always.)