Can someone explain how I can "read" this? - Readwise Beeminder


I have a Beeminder to read 30 readwise articles a week (from my “later” feed).

Other than other goals which tells me until which date I’m “safe”, this is what I see for the Readwise goal, and I’m not sure how to understand it: Thank you!

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It appears to me that this is a ‘whittle down’ goal type with an initial value of 3003 and a reduce-by rate of around 10 per day and an initial buffer of a week.

Instead of ‘I want to read x things from my readwise list daily/weekly’ you have something like ‘there are currently over 3k things in my readwise and I would like to reduce the number of unread things there such that I have fewer than 2990 remaining by July 16th.’ It looks like maybe this is a rate of approximately 10 articles / day.

The helpdoc about the readwise integration explains it a bit:


Before we just give you the answer, can we go ahead with that experiment I mentioned before? Can you try searching in our help docs, to see if you can find the answers?

It’d be really useful to hear if you’re unable to find something, and if so, what you tried to search for!

Here’s the help docs link:

I tested it myself and can guarantee that there are several different keywords that will bring up helpful information for you, though looks like I need to update one of the example images/explanations in one of those articles. The work is never ending! :laughing:

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