Beeminding reading entries of a web feed

I wish to read all the entries in a certain web feed. To monitor which I have read I can use a web feed reader. I want to use Beeminder to prevent a backlog of unread entries from accumulating. Is there an automatic solution?

Presently, the web feed reader I use is elfeed, but one that integrates with Beeminder I would use instead. Best of all would be a way of connecting elfeed and Beeminder.

RSSminder does not help, because it Beeminds submissions (one’s own, ordinarily) to a feed, whereas I want to Beemind my reading someone else’s submissions to a feed.


I am not an expert at Readwise Reader, but I think you might be able to use it for this, actually.


Thank you. I thought of that but balked at buying a subscription to Readwise Reader just so that my Beeminder goal would be automatic.

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Musing: How cool would it be if we made a widget that any blogger could put in their sidebar that was like “Get yourself caught up on the archives of my blog!” and it pointed you to a goal creation wizard and, I don’t know, doubled as a button you could click each time you finished a post, to send that +1 to Beeminder.

We could bill it as a “[your blog here] autodata integration”.


That is the kind of integration I had in mind, except I was thinking of Beeminding not having a backlog of unread articles accumulate rather than reading articles at a certain rate.