Can't schedule a harder break before the akrasia horizon

One use for the “schedule a break” feature is to schedule a “break” with a steeper rate than normal.

These breaks don’t make the goal easier; instead they make it harder. So it seems to me that they shouldn’t be limited by the akrasia horizon.

But they for some reason are limited by it, and that’s quite weird. It’s not fundamentally a problem for me, just bad UI: I can get the same result with the road editor. (But the road editor is a premium feature, and not everyone has access to it. And I prefer to avoid the road editor when possible in favor of the “schedule a break” feature, if only because it’s a lot simpler and more straightforward.)

It would be nice if the “schedule a break” feature would work within the akrasia horizon with the same rules as the road editor: you can only make things harder, not easier. (Outside the akrasia horizon you can do whatever you want, of course.)

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