Cheating by updating datapoints on automatically synchronized goals

Hey Beeminder folks,

I love Beeminder, I really do. Especially goals synchronized automatically. It worked really well in the past with Twitter, Runkeeper or Anki.

However, I discovered that I could “lie” by “updating” the datapoints afterward. This feature was useful when my RunKeeper app didn’t work (because of GPS, or any other pb) so I could manually enter the real value.

However, for things like Anki or Twitter, I’m in this stupid situation where I keep lying and because there is an option to lie, I don’t see myself going back on track.

Here is my question:

Can I disable this “update datapoint” feature?


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Try the “weaselproof me” checkbox in goal settings! (It does a bunch of other things to make Beeminder stricter as well.)


That worked, thanks!


Hu, interesting, did you change anything about that feature?
Last time I asked support said it’s basically just a flag for them and doesn’t actually change that much (if any) in the web interface.

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We’ve been gradually augmenting it over the years…

[EDIT: Something went totally awry pasting these links! Now fixed but I’m a little confused and disturbed that they were all totally wrong for no reason I can fathom.]

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Most of the links don’t seem relevant(?)

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They’re all about weaselproofing, right? Or is something going totally wrong with those anchor links?

PS: Sure enough, they were all wrong! Fixed now!