How to delete some first clumsy setting days?

I use the Beeminder - Anki addon to add new learnt words from Anki to Beeminder. I make a clumsy setting for my first few days and I’d like to delete it. Is there anyway to do so?

My account.

Also, because new user isn’t allowed to add image, I suggest you to add the html feature so that I can embed this code:

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It looks like the goal was created in the last 7 days, so you should be able to just delete it and re-create it. Underneath “Goal Progress” there should be a big red button Delete or some such?


If you go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Data’ on your goal you might be able to edit the datapoints there.

Try that and see what happens.

If the goal is set as “Autodata” you might not be able to.
In which case email support and tell them what you think the values should be and they can change them for you.


Hi @ooker

As @drtall says, you can delete a newly created goal and start over. Email support if you have any trouble with that.

If the goal is now behaving correctly but has a messy first few days, you can also change the graph’s start date on the goal’s settings page. You can also, as @insti pointed out, edit the existing data points. For some autodata integrations, manual changes can get overwritten at the next sync, particularly the most recent datapoint.

Thanks for pointing out that new users can’t add any images; I’ve changed that setting to allow one image. We’ll see whether we get an uptick in spam as a result, but given that (almost?) everyone posting is also beeminding, that seems like a sensible risk to take. If you spot any spam posts, report it using the flag icon below the entry.


Thanks @philip, @insti and @drtall. I have go the Setting > Data and delete my clumsy data easily.

However, there is a big problem here. If you still remember the last graph you saw, it had a vertical slope down, because I had manually subtract the point before asking you. And when I delete the data, I delete the auto data first, the one I manually subtract is still there. Beeminder pledges me because of that :scream: .

Luckily I didn’t add enough money to my card so there is no damage to me right now. But I think that you should postpone the pledge until midnight.

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Hi @ooker! You’ll be glad to know that is how Beeminder normally works. Even if you have a card registered, we don’t charge it until 24 hours after you derail. You’ll also be glad to know that it’s unusual to derail several times in succession; that happened because of the data edits. And you’ll be glad to know that derailing because of a technicality doesn’t count against you; you can email support and they’ll fix it.

If you’ve not seen our introductory material, here’s a link.

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Reply to the legit check emails you will receive explaining what happened and they will not charge you.

Beeminder support is awesome.

The instant derailing that can happen sometimes if you change a datapoint on a goal is the most annoying bug/feature of Beeminder and I wish they’d fix it.


I believe that what @ooker meant is with regard to instant derailing. It doesn’t matter when the credit card gets charged, the goal is already fouled up.

The single largest pain I have with Beeminder has been my year-long quest to reverse engineer the logic with which Beeminder decides to derail a goal. I finally FINALLY figured it out in a support thread with @chelsea last month! This sounds dramatic but it’s been my biggest frustration with Beeminder.

The rule, for the curious, is that you derail if there are ever two consecutive days with red aggregated data points at any point in your history, including today. It might sound simple, but in practice it’s very tedious and error-prone to predict the results of entering Do Less data points or making edits on any goal.


This. What I mean is my pledge amount increases to $30, and I can’t reverse it back. Thanks @drtall

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Fixed! Sorry for not noticing that when I looked last time.

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@philip The road still looks wrong though. It jumps down to -8000, it should remain up at zero.

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Fair point. Thanks!

Now that there’s some actual autodata, the intent is a bit clearer. I think the manual datapoints neglected to account for it being an odometer goal. Moving to email.