Colors don’t match

This might be related to goal colors are incorrect. This morning after I entered yesterday’s data to get rid of the PPR the day marker for my only do less goal was correct but the outline of the graph was still orange. image|490x500

In a tangential request is it possible to invert the colors of the do less goals so they work the same way do more goals do: Orange for the bad side of the road, blue for the good side and green more than one safe day? It took me a while to wrap my head strong what I’m aiming for and I still get tripped up sometimes.


Eek, thanks so much for reporting the possible bug here!

It wouldn’t be related to the previous thread you linked to – that was a particular bug/issue we fixed. Well, unless it’s has recurred, which would be a big deal! (In which case double-thanks for sounding the alarm!)

We might need to dig in to this specific case; could you point us to it an email to support? Thanks again and sorry for the hassle! (I should also mention that even if this were to somehow not be a bug and just confusion about what color it’s supposed to be showing – which it doesn’t sound like it is in this case if they’re blatantly mismatched – we’re really grateful to hear about that as well since it helps us a ton in figuring out how to make all this less confusing!)

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Thanks for the response. I’ll write the email to support tomorrow. It’s late and I tend to ramble when I’m tired. All the worker bees are too kind to subject to that.

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