Green/blue inconsistencies

Make up your mind @dreev ! :slight_smile: Am I in the blue or the green?
Screenshot from 2018-01-15 10-16-16Screenshot from 2018-01-15 10-16-07

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Interesting. This seems to be an artefact of setting a custom road width.

By the custom road width of 1000, it’s clearly green because you’re above it.

By the ‘natural’ road width of 2500 (related to your slope), it would be in the upper lane, so blue.

I suspect that the graph colour is set by something related to beebrain that generates the graphs (and so knows/cares about road width), and that the headline blue colour is based on the time-to-derailment.

Agreed that it would be good for these to be consistent, and I think that the headline colour is more correct, since it’s related to the potential derailment.


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