Dashboard colors don't match goal page colors on Do More goals

I have two goals with two safe days that are showing orange on the dashboard:

But on the goal pages they’re showing blue, eg:

I know some goals are tricky in terms of safe days vs colors, but these are straightforward Do More goals where the lane width is a day’s worth of effort. Probably worth fixing (if possible) to lower newbee confusion.

(I note that these two goals appear to need exactly a day’s worth of effort to stay on track, which means they’re right on the boundary between two regions (in this case, centerline and wrong lane). Possibly they actually need 1.000000001 of effort, but either way, the countdown and the graph colors in both places should fall on the same side of interpreting that.)


IMO, if Beeminder is even going to touch this before the Yellow Brick Halfplane revamp, they should just make the color match safe days everywhere: red = 0, orange = 1, blue = 2, green = 3+. See What do the colors actually mean?.