Combo odometer and do more

I have some goals that have both absolute check-ins but also can accept incremental progress. For example it would be great to be able to update odometer goals using IFTTT (+1 style datapoints) while still being able to set the total number when I do a more careful accounting.

Is there any way to do this - use IFTTT to update an odometer goal with incremental progress, since there doesn’t seem to be a way for IFTTT to access the actual road value? I’m imagining sending a datapoint like “+1” or “-1” to the odometer goal, whereas sending “1025” would still change the overall odometer value.

But maybe this is too special a special case =)


Idea on how to implement this - have the option to submit a “+x” datapoint to the odometer. This would be a special case similar to the “0” datapoint in the odometer goal, where the prefix of “+” causes the number to be added to the odometer total (rather than replacing the total). Would be great to have this to use IFTTT with my odometer goals!

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I wonder if that could be generalized to all goal types as “take the last datapoint and add 1?” And a “-x” datapoint could be the same, except with subtraction.

That could get confusing with setting the odometer total to a negative number. But “+ -1” should work.

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