On restart of completed goal, allow road reset and slope change

I had a completed goal that IFTTT had continued to add data to for a week or so. It was a whittle down goal for Pocket. I wanted to restart it because my pocket queue was growing. However, when I restarted it immediately derailed due to the intervening data points. It would be great if, on a restart for such a goal, I could reset the road at the current level and change the slope, espceially so it doesn’t immediately derail.


Thank you so much for reporting this! We’ve known about it but seeing all the :heart:'s from others who have been bitten by it is a valuable nudge for us to bump up the priority for fixing it!

In the meantime just reply to the legit check email when this happens and we’ll take care of it.

(Btw, we like to send stickers to people who report bugs. Tell us your snail-mail address if you’d like some!)