Come help test the Beedroid 3 beta!

Hi folks!

We’ve been working on the next version of Beedroid for a while, and we’re ready to test our new version with anyone who is interested!

There aren’t any huge changes that people will see. Android has been working hard to fix things and make things better, and in order to let our app keep working, we needed to update a bunch of its guts.
Some of these changes were simple and easy, and others were pretty big changes. Many things have been updated with the goal of making future changes to Beedroid easier and faster. There are a bajillion bugfixes! (Plus, I’m now intimately familiar with most nearly the whole app, which is a very nice feeling.)

It’s pretty close to being ready, but there are a few changes we need to get in before we can release.

If you are interested in trying out the new version, you can go to, sign up, and it should install on your device shortly. If you want to go back to the last public released version, you’ll need to uninstall the app, and reinstall. This isn’t too bad–unless you have a bunch of widgets, or a bunch of linked Tagtime tags.

If you want to give feedback, great. Even if you don’t, any crashes will be sent to us and you’ll be helping out anyway! :slight_smile: (I want to note that if you do not want your crashes sent to us you can disable that in the app settings.)

I’m attaching a slightly edited changelog here:

  • New: Target Android API 28
  • Fix: Updated dependencies
  • New: Added Beeminder foreground service
  • New: Switched to Crashalytics for error/crash reporting
  • New: Removed ‘inpanic’ notifications (UVI)
  • New: Sort goals during widget creation (UVI)
  • New: Log more errors to Crashalytics
  • Fix: Fix crash bug with goal sorting (UVI)
  • New: Switch from GCM to FCM (UVI? Fixes user visible bug)
  • Fix: Fixed Emergency Notification Zeno checkboxes
  • Fix: Adjusted background color.
  • Fix: Un-ALL CAPS button text.
  • New: Added space between year month and day on the data entry date button (UVI)
  • Fix: Make silent notification updates on recent Android versions actually silent
  • New: Added Troubleshooting Notifications screen. (UVI)
  • New: Added more debug information to Send Feedback screen. (UVI)
  • New: Ungroups Android notifications. (UVI, but may be a regression?)
  • New: Adds Data Saver to the growing list of diagnostic information. (UVI)
  • New: Enables logging in NotificationService, always. (UVI)
  • New: Reworks Troubleshooting Notifications screen.
  • Fix: Readds Beeminder icon in Action Bar
  • Fix: Tweaks log sending via Send Feedback (UVI)
  • Fix: Makes Datapoint Edit View fit better (UVI)
  • Fix: Readds swipey View Pager Indicator
  • Fix: Readds refresh and Beeminder icon in Summary widget
  • Add: Start Beeminder at boot (UVI)
  • Add: Show next zeno time or reason on Zeno Configuration screen (UVI)
  • Add: Add header text on Zeno Confguration Screen
  • Add: Sorts Zeno Configuration Screen goals (UVI)
  • Fix: Supports all the time formats the website does, like HH:MM:SS. (UVI)
  • Fix: Fix issue where H:MM didn’t work depending upon locale (UVI)

I found some bugs - not sure if I should post here or make a Bugabee post.

  1. When a goal derails, the skull icon is no longer shown on the goal widget.
  2. The list widget no longer updates on pressing the “reload” button repeatedly.
  3. When a goal is about to derail, the list widget no longer counts down to zero and no longer displays “RIP” immediately upon derailing. It does show “RIP” a few minutes later.
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Nice catches! Thank you! I think here is the right place to collect bug reports for the new beta for now.

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Here is perfect. I’ll import them into the bugtracker too.

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I just pushed a new update, 2.10.9.

  • Fix: Adjusts permanotification. Removes expanded view and Learn More action.
  • Fix: Renames Notification Channel to match the notification text. (UVI)
  • New: The permanotification, when tapped, opens the help page. (UVI)
  • Fix: The Logout dialog now has reasonably spaced buttons. (UVI?)
  • Fix: Fixes typo in manifest that flooded analytics with errors for everyone.
  • Fix: Adds a message that pops up when you switch input types in a goal. (UVI?)
  • Fix: Adjusts spacing in Goal Detail View to usually provide an extra row of data. (UVI?)
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